Wednesday, November 20, 2013


James Pirro
Eng 101

                The major theme throughout “twelfth night or what you will” written by William Shakespeare was identity. It all started when Viola when she was saved by the captain but, her brother Sebastian wasn’t found. She decided needed to find job and provide by herself now. So she asked the captain if she could get a job. So she got the job working for olive. So she had to cross dress and now everyone in village called her/him Cesario. This caused lots of problem. This actually caused a love triangle between three people. The main character Orisino was in love with women that Cesario worked for. Her name was Olivia, Olivia loved Cesario, and Viola (Cesario) loved Orisino. This is how the love triangle all started. Another reason why a main theme of the book was identity each character that that was high in social class talked differently to all the bums in the village.

I learned a lot of things in my English 101 class. I developed better speaking skills when talking in front of a lot people. I even learned how to analyze all the small things in English and American Literature. My favorite thing I did this semester was probably my presentation. I enjoyed finding information about Emily Dickinson and then reading her poems about death. Then I figured why she always wrote about death. It was because she was always by herself and she felt it was her time to die. The past I went to see a play called “The importance of being Earnest”. I went to the play not knowing what to expect from a play like that. I went there with a couple of my friends. I thought it was going to be really bad. But, I was completely wrong. It was very funny and some of my friends were in the play and learn new things about them.  

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