Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Newfound Dependence

 As human beings in the 21st century we take certainly communication for granted. Whether it is through technology or actual face-to-face interaction we rarely take the time to stop and think about how the people around us affect us. We also often use things like clothes, jewelry and tattoos to define who we are and express ourselves. I for one always notice other’s mannerisms and judge their character based on their fashion. Before this assignment, I never realized that I communicate with each person in so many different ways.  Then, when all forms of communication were taken away from me, I felt lost for some time.     
Throughout my day of observation, I noticed that I use several different methods of communication: my cell phone and websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Gmail to talk and text. Regardless of the mode of communication I use, I am always connected to the people around me.  I feel that being away from home has further encouraged me to use this technology to connect with my family and friends back in New Jersey. I now have to use my phone to call my parents everyday rather then seeing them every morning and night. Although the transition has been hard, I am happy that today’s technology enables me to communicate with them everyday. I noticed that, coming from a close- knit family, I am more accustomed to face-to-face communication rather than relying on technology, however at the same time I would often use my phone and the Internet to communicate with my friends.         
At Loyola I have realized that now my most common form of communication is my cell-phone. I use it make plans with my friends even if we are just getting dinner or lunch. The past month has made me even more dependent on technology. An hour away from technology was definitely very difficult for me. For the first half an hour, my mind was constantly preoccupied about what I was missing out on. I didn’t realize that being away from all forms of communication would really make me dependent on the people around me. I spent my hour outside Hammerman doing homework. Although it was a struggle at first, I liked being able to sit outside peacefully and actually meet new people. In the hour, I’m sure I saw over 50 new people who, like me, are new students at Loyola. The experience was definitely eye opening and encouraged me to use any opportunity I have to sit outside and just interact with everyone else rather than sitting in my room and watching TV.

This experience has definitely taught me that communication is definitely very important and has a major impact on everyone’s life. However, technology is not as necessary as we may think it is.

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