Thursday, September 26, 2013

Dylan Liguori                                                                                                                         9/25/13
            Personally, I examine myself all the time, whether I say hello to a random someone walking along the street, and also in the middle of a conversation I just focus on what should be said next to not make myself look weird or out of touch. I’m not a very outgoing person which makes it hard not to judge myself and look into what I can do differently to enhance my lifestyle. Honestly, however, I like being by myself and focusing on the important things that matter to me. This Iexamen really helped me understand why I do the things I do and the thinking that goes into actually performing those everyday things.
            First I’ll begin by saying that the hour without technology only inhibited my ability to write this paper. I have an Iphone, but social networks aren’t my thing. I haven’t used Facebook in almost two years and I have never had a twitter and the whole thing seems unnecessary to me, but that’s just me. For the hour I went to the Fitness and Aquatics center to play some basketball, well actually I stayed for two hours but when you play ball you have no sense of time. So it was like any other day, but while these two hours occurred I did think about how others felt without their phones or other sorts of technology to help them through the day and I felt sorry for them because they could be doing so many better things than to be on their phone all day.
            Now the part where I examined myself. Like I said before I almost always do this on a daily occurrence. When I hold a door for someone or vice versa, I don’t know why but those moments stick in my mind for a considerable amount of time. I really love it when someone holds the door for you because it shows in the smallest away that all people aren’t consumed with themselves and actually do care about other human beings in the world. The way I talk to people is I’m usually not the one to talk first unless it’s circumstantial. I like to be very friendly and another thing I’ve been beginning to notice is people can’t really tell who I am unless they’ve known me for a while. Is it a curse, who’s to tell, but I guess you can’t judge a book by its cover?  Other things were noticed but I wrote down all the important things in here.

            While concluding the day I did realize some things that I haven’t noticed before. The fact is I genuinely believe that I’m a very good person. If others can’t see it then Oh well. This assignment really did help me in my path to truly find myself and things that I should continue to do and other things I should sweep under the bed and leave them in the past.

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