Friday, September 27, 2013


MarKeisha Snaith
September 26, 2013
Professor Juniper Ellis
EN 101: Understanding Literature
iExamen 1

            Having been born into a generation in which technology is readily available for any purpose, it is very difficult to disconnect from all electronic communication.  Not only is it challenging to go about a daily routine without the use of electronics; in today’s society it has become a necessity.  Continuously, one question kept running through my mind, what influences how people communicate with others?  Although these influences may sometimes vary, many find verbal and electronic communication more or less suitable in different environments.  Such decisions are influenced by the communicator.  The desire to communicate is not always necessary, however, common-place and accessibility of technology creates a new dimension of “need” that is similar to that of “want”. 
            The assignment guided me through a course of obstacles, leading me to engage in more activities on campus.  I would have faced greater difficulty if the assessment lasted longer than a 24-hour period.  The ability to verbally communicate with my peers substantially improved.  Before the exercise(s) I was disconnected from society but found myself becoming a part of that society.  In fact, the hour that I was supposed to disconnect myself from technology quickly turned into two enjoyable hours.  My roommates and I began speaking to each other and it was a fun experience for me.  I learned much more about these girls I live with and this was beneficial to both my life and my living environment.  As a result, I realized that I rely solely on electronic communication.  In this, my attempt to follow through with the assignment led to a discovery of myself and the world I am surrounded by.  

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