Thursday, September 12, 2013


James Pirro
Dr. Ellis
En 101

Loyola versus Poetry
Each one of these poems that we had to read I have notice the main theme of poems was traditions versus change. In the first poem we had to read “Mending Hall” written Robert Frost the main theme was traditions versus changes. The speaker in the short poem wanted change and wanted his neighbor to change his ways that his father taught him. The wall in this poem is a metaphor. It shows that the neighbor wanted to keep everything to himself and he feels a comfort for the wall being there. This is a tradition for neighbor because his father told him to have a wall and he doesn't want to knock it down. This is against the Loyola and the Jesuit traditions because when come to this school and we knock down our walls and embrace the campus. In the end the neighbor never changed.
                In the next poem, “Accident, Mass. Ave “written Jill McDonough also had the same theme, traditions versus change. Usually in this world when someone gets in an accident there immediate reaction is to start yelling. When they got out of the car each character knew that had to yell at each other so they did it. But in the end, of the poem they ended tradition and made up at the end of the accident. Others theme in this poem were high emotions and cruel people  
                The final poem we had to read was “Learning to Read” written Francis E. W. Harper the main theme was knowledge is a gift and independence. Throughout the poem the speakers emphasizes how learning make you a better person .The main point the speaker says in the poem is “Slavery doesn't agree with knowledge. This means that if you had any knowledge during this time you would have known that slavery was wrong and you put them in danger. Also in Jesuit tradition is learning very important. This is what I learned when reading these poems.

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