Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Can You Hear Me Now

         The day I chose for my day of observation was last Sunday.  My day was probably not as exciting as everybody else's because I was at home with my Mom and Dad.  Since I live close I went home to do my laundry that day.  I was with my Mom and Dad, so I was not expecting it to be that much of a good opportunity for me to observe.  I have never really paid attention to my communication with others before, so I was expecting the day to go a certain way.  I did end up noticing some very interesting things though throughout the day.

One of the first things that I noticed about my communication throughout the day is that much of how I communicated was without even talking.  It may have been unfair to do this assignment while I was at home because my Mom and I can communicate without even talking to each other.  She can look at me and know what the answer will be without even asking.  For example, since I laid on the sofa and watched football most of the day, she knew I wouldn’t be interested in going out to dinner.  Just through eye contact, we communicated most of the day.

Since it was a Sunday I figured that I would go down to the field in the morning with my Dad and throw the lacrosse ball around for around an hour or two.   He helps me work on lacrosse and we have a chance to connect since we leave our phones in the car.  That was the perfect chance for me to be without any electronic communication.  Since I was actively busy the whole two hours, I didn’t miss the electronic communication because I wasn’t even thinking about it.  But when I am bored, I couldn’t imagine not having my phone to keep in touch with other people.  In the summertime when we lose our power, I feel like the only option is to go to bed early since I don’t have any electronics to use.  I definitely can’t remember my life before electronics.

Unlike most kids, I don't use any social media - I do not have a Facebook account or a Twitter account.  I do text on my phone to communicate with others, but I rarely use it to talk to other people.

After I came back from the field and began using my phone and laptop again I mainly only used it to check football, fantasy football scores, and text my friends about our fantasy football league.  It is very competitive and we all love it, so we always text each other during games about our teams and who is going to win.  Other than that I did not use my electronic communication that much that day.

I have learned from this assignment that it is nice every once in a while to just step away and enjoy those things around you.  I am grateful for the time I spend with my Dad, and I would give up my phone any time while I was doing something with him.  However, just as I expected, when I am not doing something that takes my mind off of my phone, I can’t imagine living without it.  If I am just sitting watching tv, I need my phone to communicate.  I also learned from this assignment how very little I pay attention to other people’s body language and even the clothes that they wear.  All day, I stayed in the same clothes that I woke up in and had little desire to venture far from home.  My Mom recognized this right away and didn’t even need to ask me about going out.  She knew I was comfortable at home just from the signals she was receiving from my body language.  I definitely learned to be more in tune to what others are saying even when they are not saying anything at all.

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