Wednesday, September 25, 2013


At the beginning of this exercise I thought to myself that this would be an easy assignment since all we had to do was observe ourselves and write a one page paper on it. I thought that I knew myself and I thought I was going to write how I am just like everybody else. The truth is that I am like the saying “a man of few words”. I hardly communicate with anybody at the university and I somewhat communicate with my family.

            I say goodbye to my mom and grandparents on my way out to school. Construction workers direct traffic by my house and they signal me when I can pass. The next person I talk to is the bus driver for a Loyola bus and ask if she is going towards Knot hall. I arrive to my class ten minutes early and sit in my seat. I ask my classmate that seat next to me to confirm if the first paper for that class is due in one week and then suddenly three other classmates joined the conversation. I had never talked to any of these students but at that moment we shared a connection of some sort. At first we worried about the difficulty of the paper but then we discussed how it was much simpler than we thought it out to be. After that class I go into the reading room at the third floor above the bookstore and use my laptop to catch up on some reading material for my other classes until my next class starts. During the class I say nothing and after I wait for the bus to take me to my car and go home. I started my hour of no technology once I got home. I ate dinner and after I played a Mexican card game called conquian with my grandparents. I was able to appreciate the precious time that I was spending with them because I enjoy myself every time we play. My grandpa is very funny and I like when he shares some of his wisdom with me while we playing this card game. I see what I have always known in my life which is that family will come over everything and that is the most important thing that I have in this life.

            I now realize that I am the person who fails to communicate. I never put myself out there and try to connect with anyone else. I signed up for Facebook and twitter but I never actually tried it by tweeting or posting pictures. I chose not to put anything up because I felt that I would not post anything that people would want to read or find interesting. I shut myself out from the world and never actually gave this new technology age a try. Even with phones I much prefer to talk with someone then text to them. I feel that with a call you can get straight to the point and not worry if they saw the message or not and questions can be asked much quicker and you can express what you are feeling. I realize that I must be the one who takes the first step and communicate with the rest of the world.

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