Wednesday, September 18, 2013


James Pirro
Dr. Ellis
EN 101
In the poems written by William Wordsworth , Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Nathaniel Hawthorne each author conveys each main character has an obsession and in some of them it even destroys something that they love. In the “The Birthmark” the main character is obsessing over his wife’s birthmark on her face and tries in all his power to convince to take this potion. In the “The Yellow Paper” the main character has an illness and gets obsessed with wall paper and sees many images in the wall paper.  The finally poem “I Wander Lonely as a Cloud” is about a man imagining about being with the flowers. In each poem the main characters are imagining things that don’t even exist and it destroys them or gives them happiness that they never had.

In the first poem by William Wordsworth the main character is in a middle of a dream and is lonely at first but, then he comes upon a lake and see the flowers that were dancing. The flowers were extremely happy and being by the flowers it gave him so much happiness. Then the main character says whenever he is pensive mood on his couch, he remembers this moment. In second poem “The Yellow Wall Paper” the main character is imagining the wall paper is moving and trying to escape the wall. The main character has an illness and can smell the wallpaper from outside the house. She ripped the wall paper off the wall and helps the women escape the wallpaper. The husband comes home and sees the wallpaper on the floor and goes to the room. The door is locked and then he opens the door and faints.

The final poem was “The Birthmark”. In this poem the main character sees a birthmark on his wife’s face. He realizes that the birthmark destroys his wife beauty and makes her makes her almost perfect. Everyone in her family believes that the birthmark is a charm or gives her luck. When her husband brings her to the office to remove the mark, his assistance says, “ if he was married to her he wouldn’t remove it.” He tried and she decided she wouldn’t do it. Then she decided to do it because she knew it would make him happy. She drank the liquid and it started to work but, then she died. Each one of these main characters imagined something that didn’t exist.


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