Friday, September 27, 2013

iExamen 1

James Pirro
Eng 101
Dr. Ells

            On Tuesday, September 24 I decided to put my cellphone down for a day. Thinking about the iExamen made me cringe; I use my phone for everything during the day. Some of the things I use my phone for include texting, talking to my parents, emailing my professors, and checking all my social media websites. I didn't think it would be possible turn off my phone for an hour. I turned my phone off at 4:30 in the afternoon. Just two minutes later I instantly reached into my pocket to check my phone for, well anything; messages, emails and social media notifications. To my disappointment my phone was turned off and I then realized that I was partaking in the iExamen. From then on I had the urge to look at my phone every two to five minutes that happened to about 4:50 or so when I suppose my brain just forgot about my phone. The following hour went by quickly partaking in honest and true conversations with my roommates instead of just texting them from my bed. I suggested we all put our phones away, at first they we hesitant but eventually succumbed to my idea. After dinner we walked back to the room and at this time it was at least six o’clock and I decided that the iExamen was over and I could use my phone, although I missed many texts the iExamen as a hole was worth it.

            The feeling of not having to rely on my cell phone for conversation was quite relaxing. Even though it was just an hour or so the iExamen allowed me and my roommates to truly appreciate each other’s company. It is kind of a strange tranquility when ones pocket seems lighter due to the absence of a cell phone, this feeling is one that I enjoyed more than I thought I would. When the iExamen was over and I looked at my phone I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of texts I missed which actually reinforced my feelings toward the greatness of the iExamen. Going into the iExamen I thought it would be challenging and something I would hate but in reality it’s something I might make time for on a weekly basis.

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