Wednesday, September 25, 2013

iExamen 1
            During this exercise, I realized a few things. One, I use technology a lot, much more than I need to. Two, it is nice to have peace and quiet every once in a while, and three, through self-observation, I found that I communicate with certain people in certain ways. When texting or emailing, I find it easy to say what I want to say. I think that is because I am not face to face with the person I am talking to. Without technology, I find it harder to be as honest as I want to be, because I have to look at the person and see their reactions to what I do and say. I think hiding behind technology makes it easier to come out of your shell. Since people are so used to having technology as a comfort or barrier, no one is truly themselves without technology, because they are afraid they will be judged if they say what they truly feel. During the hour without technology, I felt different. I realized that, unfortunately, my cellphone has become a part of me. This is the way it is in today’s society. Everyone has a cellphone glued to them, and when I was without mine, I felt weird, like I was forgetting or missing something. When I went back to technology, I instantly felt more comfortable. I think that is because my cellphone is a barrier that I can use if I need to. When I feel uncomfortable in a situation, I always use my cellphone as a distraction. Without it, I felt vulnerable. This exercise really opened my eyes to how the world has changed, and how I have changed. Before I had a cellphone, I had no choice but to be myself around people. Now, I have the ability to act the way I feel like I have to act in order to fit in. I think since cellphones have become a major part of our society, people have become more judgmental and act fake in person, in order to be accepted.

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