Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Newfound Awareness

The task of saying only what is kind, useful, and true seems to be something we should practice everyday. But of course we choose to be rather misanthropic and cynical. My religion, Jainism, embodies kindness for the good of others, and this assignment encouraged me to embrace that and practice it for the entirety of the day. As soon as I read the assignment I knew this task would be a rather difficult one because of the way I usually interact with others. Often my parents point out that my tone connotes something much different than I mean. This assignment forced me to not only say kind things but also observe the tone I use.
I chose to do this assignment on Monday and I observed how I interacted with almost everyone around me; roommates, professors, strangers, and friends. I used the day as an opportunity to not only say kind things but also practice kind actions. I made it a point to compliment each one of my friends in at least one way. Immediately they noticed that something was different. I didn’t realize it before but in daily conversation we tend to insult each other more often than not. And although it is always in a playful connotation, why is it that we choose to insult each other rather than compliment each other? I completely believe that if you go through each day with a positive attitude towards your self and others each day will end up being better. This was definitely shown on Monday; being kind to others immediately uplifted my attitude. 
Although this assignment required us to only reflect on one day, I noticed that this weekend in particular was very pertinent to the assignment. I went home this weekend for the first time all year. I instantaneously realized the change in attitude of those around me. My friends and family were exceptional kind to me and I was more appreciative of them as well. This assignment showed me that it is important to value the relationships around you and cherish the little time you might have together. One conversation that stood out to me was my interaction with my little sister, instead of our regular banter we were exceptional nice to each other.
I think its also important to realize although we like to be honest at all times it is often easier to say what is kind. This iExamen required us to be both kind and honest which I found to be particularly difficult. I found that throughout the day it was more convenient to tell “white lies” rather than being completely honest. It also realized that we relate being kind of “white lies” however in reality there is always a way to be kind and honest.
This iExamen gave me a whole new insight on how being positive and kind can change your whole outlook. Although at times being nice all day long hindered me from completely expressing my self it definitely forced me to only say things that are useful. Although it may seem impractical I hope to spend almost very day with a positive outlook.

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