Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Ysabel Ortiz   
Dr. Ellis
EN 101.21
October 24, 2013
Positive Communication
            When first reading the second iExamen assignment, I did not think that it would be difficult to "say only what is kind, useful and true. “  The task seemed very simple and I did not think I would make many observations about how I and how others may communicate throughout the day.  I would like to think and have mostly seen myself as a kind and genuine person, and although I may be sarcastic at times, especially with people who I know very well, I try to be kind to everyone.  Beginning my day, I realized that I did not need to communicate in a different way in order to be kind and true.  As the day went on, however, I realized how I might be challenged because of how sarcastic I can be with my family. 
            Being home with my family during Fall break, I observed how sarcastic I am with my family.   I have realized, for example, that I do not always say kind and true things to my brother because I feel that I have a close enough relationship with him where he will be able to understand that I am only joking around with him, but in a kind way.  I recognized that I communicate with family much differently than the way I communicate with my friends.  With my friends, I can sometimes be sarcastic, but I also communicate in useful way, but with my family, I communicate in a truer manner.
             Over the course of the day, I also recognized how others might communicate toward one another, in person and on social media.  I have observed how people communicate, not so much through words but by actions.  It is nice to see people holding the door open for one another, for example.  It’s a very simple gesture that is sadly “going out of style.”  To me, this gesture is just common courtesy and a sense of politeness that all people should learn.  Also, on social media, I have discovered that people may discuss either all positive things or all negative things that have happened or is happening to them.  I have also seen that because one is behind a computer screen or smartphone, no one really knows if what has been said is true or not.  One is able to hide behind the screen to say what pleases them and believes that no one will learn the truth, but sooner or later, the truth will come out. 

            Overall, this iExamen was a very interesting experience.  I realized that communicating is a kind way was not difficult, but saying what is useful and true may be a bit challenging at times.  Offensive and rude comments do not make communication better and will have a negative effect on people.  Sarcasm may not be useful and true, but the comments made are meant to be in a joking manner, but not in a rude way.  I believe that communicating in a more positive is something that all people should try to do everyday to make conversations more meaningful.  Communicating with only kind things to say will not only make me happy more positive, but may make other people feel positive as well. 

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