Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iExamen 2

            I thought that this assignment was going to be very easy for myself since I consider myself to be an honest and nice guy. Since I don’t communicate much over the internet, I thought that minding what I say would be an easy task, but then I learned how much I don’t communicate using these methods. Every time that I would talk I would have to restrain myself from not being kind such as being way too sarcastic and also I don’t usually tell the truth very much and always find myself holding back on information.

            I realized that I should probably start being more nice to my little sister. She is thirteen years old and in the last year of middle school. As soon as I came home from school I saw that she was on the couch and watching twilight the movie and I had to stop myself from making a comment about how bad that movie was and her decision to watch it. I sat down at the table and ate dinner instead. This reminded me about how I am usually always criticizing her for what she does or how she is a pain in my life. Two weeks ago my mom couldn’t drive my sister to school for the whole morning and made me do it and every day I would tell her how annoying this was and to just ride the bus. Well that same day I offered to take her to the library after I was done eating but she said she didn’t need to go and that everything was good.

            Earlier that day I was walking out of math class with my friend Chazz and another classmate who Chazz spoke to, but I had never spoken a word to him since the beginning of the semester. Chazz left to class but me and Torrin, his name which I know now, were still walking in the same direction and had a conversation about how class was going and how well we understood the material. I told him that I wasn’t worried about the new material we had learned but more of the last chapter we were working on. He told me about how he understood the material in class but in the quizzes he would not do well and that he needed to very well on the upcoming quizzes. At first I was hesitant but then I told Torrin how my two lowest quiz grades were both sixty percent but that I wasn’t really worried because she drops the two lowest grades and that he shouldn’t be worried either. This was my very first conversation with Torrin and even when my friend Chazz, who I met during summer orientation, asked how I was doing on the quizzes I responded with a simple fine because I wanted to seem that I was having no troubles and that everything was alright.

             I learned that communicating by being kind and telling the truth is a very effective method because it lets people know what is going in your life and not keeping everything bottled up. When you are kind to everyone and only say nice things, people tend to respond with kindness as I observed when I gave people compliments like my friend Chris when I saw that he had a new Loyola sweater.

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