Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Not a normal Sunday

iExamen 2
On Sunday October 20th I decided to partake in the iExamen 2. On this day I would only say what is kind honest and true. Coming into this iExamen I knew it might pose some sort of a challenge, due to the fact that I am also sarcastically fighting with my roommate. The first part of the day was easy for me as all I had to do was get up and eat breakfast with my family, then proceed to get the bus back to Loyola. During breakfast I tried with all my might to remember that I was doing the iExamen even when my little brother, Mark, was being his annoying self. Instead of enticing his twisted sense of humor I ignored him, and just talked to my parents; to my surprise Mark also followed my lead and acted like an adult for the first time in his life. The bus ride was simple, saying thank you and excuse me to other bus riders, I received the politeness back which made the bus ride go by quickly. But then I pulled into Penn Station and I knew things were going to get a lot harder once I saw my roommates.
My roommate immediately started to make fun of me for being a Jets fan for his team, The Patriots would be playing them in just a few minutes. He started the argument, that we seem to have all the time with facts about how the patriots are better because they won more Super Bowls, how Tom Brady, and  Geno Smith can’t even be compared because Tom Brady is an elite quarterback and Geno Smith is not. All I wanted to do was yell back at him with some random false stat or piece of optimism that I have used in this same argument in the past, but keeping the iExamen in mind, all I said was “okay Joey you’re right.” It is funny how saying what is true can so quickly end an argument. It’s also funny that on that game the Jets actually beat the Patriots, the first time in their last five games. Can I be naïve enough to think that my iExamen was the reason for this win? No but it sure did feel good not getting in an argument, then being able to watch my roommate in disbelieve after the jets won by a field goal. Overall I liked the iexamen, its not something I could see myself doing all the time, just because that is not how I am used to interacting with people but the iExamen was an eye opening experience. 

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