Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kayla DeFreitas

            This week we read the first half of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, “Theology” by Paul Lawrence Dunbar, and “Tableau” by Countee Cullen.
            Frankenstein is about a man named Victor Frankenstein who creates a monster that proceeds to terrorize his life. The monster kills his younger brother. Then he kills his best friend. The monster asks him to create a mate for him. When Victor says no, the monster kills his wife, Elizabeth. Victor is overwhelmed with grief and gets very sick. He retreats to the North in search for the monster. Eventually, Victor dies from his illness and the monster weeps over him. Then, the monster goes off to die as well.
            “Theology” is about a man who believes in heaven and hell. He wonders where everyone would go when they died if there was no heaven and hell.
            “Tableau” is about a black boy and a white boy crossing the street together. Everyone around them disapproves of what they are doing. Even though they are being criticized, the boys stay friends because they do not see a problem with it.

            This week I went to Zen Meditation. While I was meditating, I was able to free myself of the daily stress and the many thoughts that comes with being in college. It was a nice break from life to be able to sit in silence and peace. While meditating, I am able to think about things in my life and question them. I connected this to “Theology” when the man questions where people would go if there was no heaven and hell. Also, in “Tableau,” I think peoples’ morals are questioned when they gossip about the two boys because they are different races. In Frankenstein, Victor questions his invention after the it starts to cause havoc.

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