Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A day to remember

Chris Lane
Understanding litt
Dr. Juniper Ellis

A Day to Remember

           The day I picked to be as kind, useful and true as possible was both an entertaining day and a fun social experiment on how people reacted to kind gestures. Throughout the day I noticed a few things about myself and the way I acted towards others. Although nothing exciting happened like a girl dropping her books or someone who is carrying 1 to many items to class walked pass for me to jump into action but I did do my best.
         Normally when I go about the day I say hi to the people I know when I see them walking to class or pass by in bolder, but during that day I made a point to wave or smile at everyone who was walking alone or looked like they were having a bad day. Small gestures can mean a lot to some people if they are having a bad day or are not feeling confidant. A kind act that I remember happened after my first class, a group of friends were standing in line in front of me and more of there friends got in line behind me. They were polite and did not cut me but I could tell they wanted to be with there friends so I let them skip me in line. This is something that I hope I would have done anyway but these are the kind of small acts that I attempted to do thru out the day to be as kind and useful as possible.

           Honesty is a different category, I like to think of my self as an honest person so I didn’t really see a change in how I acted but there were some differences. When asked how I was doing I didn’t brush it off as a simple greeting, I actually was honest with myself and the person asking and told them if I was feeling sad, sick or, more likely happy. These differences were not surprising, not much changed except the amount I went out of my way to be extra kind and useful, other than that I am happy to say my day seemed quite ordinary.   

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