Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gods presence

James Pirro
Eng 101
Dr. Ellis

In the book Frankenstein written by Shelly, “Theology” written Paul Lawrence Dunbar, and “Tableau” has many themes.  The main theme throughout Frankenstein was the meaning of knowledge. Each time Frankenstein saw something he would can knowledge what to do.  The main theme of “Theology” written Paul Lawrence Dunbar the main theme is worrying about death. The final poem is “Tableau” written by Countee Cullen the main theme is about segregation and not doing the norm.
In Frankenstein written by Shelly, the author tries to enforce the meaning of knowledge. Each time the beast saw something he would learn something from this. For example, when the monster saw the fire that the people fire; he realized that the neighbor was getting warm from it. So at night the monster did that. The monster wanted to keep on learning and he didn’t want to stop. Each time he learned something new the monster became more dangerous. The monster was very dumb at first, but he learned how to speak and how to live. He realized that humans don’t like him. It was a very important throughout the first part of the novel.

            Next thing I read was the short poem “Theology” written Paul Lawrence Dunbar was about the speaker trying to figure out where everyone went when humans die. I believe he was scared of death. The poem was very short but, each line made you think. The main theme was death. The speaker believed in hell but, didn’t believe in heaven. I think he was nervous about where god was going to decide he would go to heaven or hell..
The final poem I read was Tableau” written by Countee Cullen was the main theme was segregation. When the author said , “Locked arm in arm they cross the way ;The black boy and the white .” The author said to enforce that this wasn’t normal back then. It wasn’t normal for a white boy and African American to be with each other. This poem was written during the Harlem Renaissance.
            In each one of these stories the author had their own themes but, they all have intertwined.  The event I went took place at alumni chapel. There I just prayed and didn’t worry about anything else. This event helped me a lot. It helped me not focus on work and relaxed me . I felt the presence of God while I was at the church. It was a great event and I believe I am going to be going to the church a lot more.

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