Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iExamen 2

MarKeisha Snaith
October 24, 2013
Understanding Literature
iExamen 2

                Communication is not only vital, but it is essential to the existence of humanity.  The value of communication can be seen in the level of intimacy between acquaintances, and is contingent on evolution.  As the human race continues to evolve, the way(s) in which we communicate with one another change, eventually branching off into verbal and non-verbal forms of communication.  During the duration of my observation, these forms of communication
 provided a foundation for the successful completion of this assignment.
                While practicing self-observation, my communication was drastically different.  Faced with the challenge of “politeness,” I was eager to ditch the assignment and run with the wind.  As it has been brought to my attention, I possess abrasive characteristics and can be blunt in my approach to verbal situations.  My colleagues are understanding of these characteristics, but for those who are not, I can be difficult to understand.  This suggests that I do not and I cannot sensor myself.  I find it physically impossible when I make an attempt to do so. 
                On the topic of my inability to speak to people “politely” on a regular basis, I did appreciate the assignment.  It is never my intention to offend people.  I make it a responsibility to respect my colleagues as they do the same towards me.  Even though these characteristics prevent me from forming long-term relationships, I continue to make strides towards better communication skills.  Not to mention, it helps having people who can assist me in obtaining these goals.
                At the conclusion of this assignment, I am able to better assess my strengths and weaknesses as a communicator.  I have discovered the necessary skills to being a successful leader amongst my peers in just a day’s worth of self-observation.  In addition to the assignment, a few of my colleagues questioned why I was being so cheerful and nice.  In a sarcastic response, I said, “I happened to wake up on the right side of the bed.”  I can improve my approach to verbal situations by thinking before I speak and being more sensitive to other’s problems.  This not only benefits others but it aids in future encounters with strangers.
                The iExamen 2 assignment changed my life in terms of self-evaluation and observation.  In an evolving world, communication is the key to success.  Communication is a necessity for language.  We as human beings thrive off of interpersonal relationships.  The value of communication does not continue to grow if we do not realize its importance.  

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