Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iExamen 2

Before the day I was to only say what is kind, useful, and true, I really did not know what to expect.  I still was trying to comprehend how these words applied to my communication with others.  I do believe I am a kind, useful, and true person, but I could not see how these adjectives could significantly effect the matter of which I speak.  When my day started I couldn’t stop thinking about holding myself back from saying something stupid or unkind.  I had to keep thinking of what I was going to say to someone before I said anything.  It got to the point where I had to create a filter for myself so I wouldn’t say anything sarcastic or spill a curse word.  This was hard because I usually say it how it is!  I use bad words to express some of my feelings and thoughts and it was interesting to notice how unkind these words can be.  I know I am an honest person and sometimes say stupid things before thinking but this activity allowed me to really recognize this.  It was my really good friends birthday that day and this activity held me back from using certain words that would emphasize how much I love and miss her, which I laughed about.  This activity showed me how I need to watch what I say sometimes because some of my vocabulary can easily be replaced with other words.  My roommate and I were laughing because this funny video from YouTube is called “What did the fox say” so when I was talking to her about this self reflection activity we were joking that instead of using the expression “what the ‘f’ word,” we can now say “what the fox!”  This was funny and it showed us how negative words can be replaced by more positive, humorous words.  Saying only what is kind, useful, and true does not sound very difficult but when I started going about my daily routine and conversations with people, it really made me think.  This activity is something very useful at this age because we are young teenagers who do not always reflect upon what we say and what it means.

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