Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iExamen 2

Kayla DeFreitas

For iExamen 2, I spent the day saying only things that are kind, useful and true. When this exercise was assigned, I was curious as to how it would pan out. I know I am a kind and honest person, but I was unsure about how others would react to me while I was doing the assignment. I did not want my actions to come off the wrong way towards other people.
I think I am usually kind, but sometimes, depending on the situation, I might not always say things that are true. For example, recently, my roommate had a male friend come visit unexpectedly on a Sunday. She said he was going to sleep in someone else’s room, but at the last minute that person changed her mind, and my roommate asked me if it was alright if he slept in our room. It was a school night, and I had class the next morning, and I did not feel completely confortable with him sleeping in our room, but I felt bad that he had no where else to go, so I said it was fine. Even though it was not the truth, I did it because it was the kind thing to do. Today, as I was doing the exercise, I was reminded of that experience.
I have realized that college is a place where you have to make sacrifices because you are now living among your peers, not your family. At home, I can be honest with my family and not have to worry about them taking what I say the wrong way, or getting insulted. Now, with my roommates or my friends, I have to be careful about what I do and say. During this exercise, at times I found it hard to say things that were kind, useful and true without it coming off the wrong way. At the same time, I found it easy because I am usually kind, and I try my best to say things that are true, so it was not very different from my normal personality.

I think this was a good assignment because my eyes were opened to how much better you can feel when you say things that are kind, useful and true. I felt happy that I was being kind to everyone and I felt good about being honest all the time. I think my day turned out to be a good one because of the way I treated myself and the people around me.

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