Wednesday, October 23, 2013

iExamen 2

James Peabody-Harrington
Understanding Literature

Positively Positive
        I noticed several new things about social interaction during my reflections for the second iExamen. I observed that when using only kind, true, and useful information that sarcasm is nearly impossible. I noticed that over social media sources, such as Facebook and Twitter, that most people use social media as a way of venting their complaints. Over the period of the day I was expecting to feel uncomfortable at first with the shift in language but after a hour or two it can more natural and I felt happier all around. The second iExamen showed me a better perspective to look at life through a more positive and useful lens.
        Sarcasm is used heavily in modern society. It is defined as a sharp, bitter, or cutting expression or remark which is the exact opposite of kind, useful, and true language. I am a pretty sarcastic person to a point and I use it a lot to joke with my friends. It was hard for me not to do what has developed into a natural response such as making a joke or replying to something critically. However, after about half the day it was easier and easier. Just being positive and not using sarcasm as a joke almost started to feel more comfortable. There is a negative light on sarcasm for good reason because one really does need to be critical to use sarcasm correctly. The iExamen exercise removed sarcasm from my language and it created a more positive view.
        I looked at my Twitter feed around 10 in the morning on Monday to see a huge amount of complaining about how terrible Monday's are and how everyone hates them. As I continued throughout the day I continued to notice constant complaints being tweeted out wether they were about cold weather, too much homework, or not enough sleep. But every so often, there would be a tweet about how beautiful the foliage is in Maine, or how much someone loves their mom. The iExamen showed me how people are very often too critical about the small things and fail too look at the bigger picture. It is easy to be negative about small things but nothing is perfect. So I responded with my own tweet Monday night saying “Happy to be back at Loyola after a great Fall Break! #nothinglikehome.” It was a positive response to the great weekend I had but also my joy to be returning to school instead of a regular complaining tweet. After noticing this during the iExamen now I am going to try and stay positive on social media because the complaining does not solve anything.
        After a few hours of the exercise I noticed that with my language alone I had created a more positive self. The removal of negatives solved the majority of my concerns for the day. I felt happier in general and I think my happiness reflected on other people when I used the positive language. I sat down to watch football on Monday night and instead of getting worked up about the game because I wanted the Giants to keep losing this season I just thought to myself how its out of my control. I rather cheered for the Vikings then against the Giants which must not have worked because the Giants won but it was still less stressful for me then it could have been. I chose to have a positive outlook instead of a negative view of the game. In the end it just made for a more enjoyable day because of my view of being positive.
        The iExamen showed me the way using only true, kind, and useful language creates a better view of life in modern society. Sarcasm is all but impossible to use and language is clearer. Social media is a source that many people rely on to express complaints and negative thoughts. Using language that is only kind, useful and true makes for a better more fulfilling outlook on life. I am going to use what I learned in the second iExamen to have a better view of life, social media, and daily communication with the people around me.

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