Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Dylan Liguori                                                                                                                       10/23/13

Dr. Ellis                                                                                         EN 101 Understanding Literature

iExamen 2

            Communicating in a kind, useful, and true manner in everything you say is near to impossible given the world we live in today. You can’t really tell if someone will react in the opposite way you thought they would while telling a joke, or subtly teasing someone for doing something embarrassing. So going into this day of self-observation, and making sure every sentence, phrase and word I said had meaning and kindness. Although I believe I can be brutally nice to strangers and those who I have not come to know dearly, there are a few things I picked up on today. This project, we can call it, showed me that kindness isn’t always the words you say, but the way you express it what you feel towards others.

            Picking today may not have been the smartest idea because of the workload of the horrible Wednesdays I call it, but it had to do. Going to bed late last night pitted me with a challenge of not being the grumpy old man in which most fit into the category of. Communicating with my classmates by saying these obscure gestures of maybe being too kind and insightful was alarming to my peers and others around me. No one really wants to judge, but you get the feeling that someone has not an abhorrence, but a kind of “what is this person talking about right now” and “why is this person talking to me.” Well, let them think what they want to think because I was only trying to be polite, useful and truthful. So what I got out of this was first of all you don’t have to change the world with everything that spurts out of our mouths. On the other hand, you should think and choose your words wisely before you speak, as to not offend anyone, and also to show that you are a friendly person and want to express your interest in others.

            Ending the day was exciting. No more being nice and extensile truthful anymore. While being kind is one thing, acting as your own self, and believing that you are naturally good inside and bestowing that helpfulness to the world around you is what I believe I found out to be the most truthful today.

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